Digi Gender Social Body
Under the Knife, Under the Spell of Anesthesia

In conjunction with the 16th World Wide Video Festival (September 17-21) in Amsterdam, the installation at Theatrum Anatomicum is remounted for a netlink forum between Amsterdam and New York. Moderated by Lisa Cartwright with cultural critics, genderists and biotechnologist (in New York: Lisa Cartwright,Vernon Rosario, Jennifer Terry; in Amsterdam: Jose Van Dijck, Ruth Oldenziel, Susan Stryker; floating agent: Jennifer Gonzalez, Allucquere Rosanne Stone), this forum convenes a textual surgical operation on the theory and construction of technosocial bodies. Members of the public are invited to participate on-line as well.

moderator's notes on the forum

Vernon Rosario's presentation

Jennifer Terry's presentation

listserve discussion in September, 1998

Special thanks to DJ for his transition documentation and Noriko Sunayama for her prosthesis photos.
Forum technical collaboration at the Guggenheim Museum: John Ippolito, Justin Davila, Jaime Mereness