Brandon's roadtrip across the Nebraska state patrol and commissioned writers' mooplay webtripping meet up in full circle at Theatrum Anatomicum located at DeWaag, Amsterdam. DeWaag is now the base for "Society for Old and New Media", a media lab that explores public net technology. Theatrum Anatomicum conceived as a converging ground for actual and virtual public intervention inverts the all-seeing eye of closed circuited panopticon interface. Based on the drawings of Theatrum Anatomicum (1773) by Jonas Zeuner, the net interface and theatrum installation reconstruct tiers of amphitheater-like spectacles and spectators. The operating table at the center where the body dissecting lessons were performed on executed criminals for medical society and selected viewers in the 17th centry, is reconfigured into a net public interface.

On June 30, 1998, BRANDON project was launched with a Theatrum Anatomicum - Guggenheim Museum netlink and billboard interface.

During the one year course of Brandon on WWW, we'll be staging two netlink forum/installments at Theatrum Anatomicum.

1st installment
public forum: September 20 , 1998
Digi Gender Social Body
Under the knife, under the spell of anesthesia

2nd installment
scheduled for May, 1999
Would the jurors please stand up?
Crime and punishment as net spectacle