script draft#1
image: woman tied up for sugical procedure
case: "you remember the case of FR,the hermaphrodite, whom we have been following 2 years. She has remarkable intelligence, and shows definite masculine traits. The point on which I want your help is that the clitorial appendage is very annoying to the child, so that she has to wear a suit of underclothes all the time, in order to keep the other children from seeing her. She has also a terrible habit of masturbation. she complains of the appendage, and is extremely sensitive, for fear that it will be noticed. Would you advise its removal?"
image: 3 anonymous prisoners
texts: On April 9, 1907, J. Frank Hanly, governor of Indiana, signed into law the compulsory sterilization of any confirmed criminal, idiot, rapist or imbecile in a state institution whose condition had been determined to be 'unimprovable' by an appointed panel of physicians.
"criminal acts of the unfit really constitute diseases of the social body." Dr. Lydston, 1906.
image: iron gate
texts: In 1952, the US changed its immigration policy from a legal definition of homosexuality to a medical definition. The Immigration and Nationality Act of that year specified that "Aliens afflicted with psychopathic personality... shall be excludable from admission into the United States."

image: Arnhem prison
texts: late 1950s, Addiction Research Center of the US Public Health Service Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Hans Isbell carried out drug experiments on patients/inmates. The LSD experiments used 90% black men.

image: surgery case
texts: A study at Johns Hopkins University by Dr. John Money, a professor of psychiatry, revealed that if the children are younger than a year and the sex change operations are performed, they grow up in their true sex without any recollection of having been any other.
image: cell in Arnhem prison
texts: "I met another boy whom the scientists of Aushwitz, after several operations, had successfully turned into a woman. He was then thirteen years old. After the war, a complicated operation was performed on him in a West German clinic. The doctors restored the man's physical masculinity, but they couldn't give back his emotional equilibrium" [The murderers among us: The Simon Wiesenthal memoirs"]
image: hospital beds
texts:The introduction and subsequent study of MPA in the U.S. has primarily been the responsibility of three co-workers, Money, Migeon, and Rivarola. The original decision to use MPA to suppress sexual drive ocurred when a bisexual transvestite patient became involved in incestuous activity with his six year old son, a decision to go ahead and treat him with MPA was taken.
image: cell wallwriting
texts: Tri City Herald, February 6, 1998 Pasco male impersonator put in women's prison "Chris Wheatley says she's a man imprisoned in a woman's body. That may be so, but while the convicted Pasco sex offender's body is locked up in a Washington prison, state Department of Corrections officials are treating her like a woman.
images: hormone shots
texts: Alan Turing writes,"I am both bound over for a year and obliged to take this organo-therapy for the same period. It is supposed to reduce sexual urge whilst it goes on, but one is supposed to return to normal when it is over. I hope they're right. The psychiatrists seemed to think it useless to try and do psychotherapy."
image: cell in Arnhem
texts:" I want to look for a wife- a nice woman to love. love is different from sex. I could love her, but I could not and would not want to have sex with her. - confession of a castrated sex offender
images: hospital bed
texts: In 1944, Dr. Glass injected 11 gay men with androgens supplied by pharmaceutical companies. "Four subjects accepted organotherapy by compulsion" - one by court order, three by parental authority. Glass considered the experiment a failure, as the androgens did not conclusively diminish male homosexual libido.
image: cell inmate
texts: Roni writes help column in "transsexuals in prison" newsletter "I was born and given the name of Roni Lynn Broken Bow. A severe beating before and after a Gang Rape left me a Eunuch. A castrated transsexual. I also had been subject accidentally to a massive bombardment of my system from early youth by female hormones, then used as growth hormones in chickens. I had nice firm little breasts by the age of ten "
(based on the research by beth stryker &jason livingston, 1997)