function episodeOpen(){
scripting roadtrip episodes
Brandon/Teena Brandon of Falls City, Nebraska, a (wo)man who loved women. Brandon at age 21, was sexually assaulted (Christmas Eve, 1993) and seven days later murdered (New Year's Eve, 1993) by two local guys who learned that he was anatomically female but living as a man. The roadtrip interface is conceived to upload Nebraska's Brandon onto the cyberzone where he would surf across Nebraska's route 75, the nation border patrol, the linear timezone and the gender markings to encounter fictional persona play along the ever-extended, ever-expandable yellow dividers. The interface invites multi-author to plug-in episodes and experiment on web narrative, function episodeOpen(){, during the course of one year. In Spring, 1997, together with Susan Stryker and Jordy Jones of San Francisco via extensive e-mail communication and fleshmeet in couple occasions, we developed 4 episode prototypes which are yet to be fully realized.

episode#1 >>Herculine Barbin
Brandon also known as Teen Brandon uploaded as Brandon Teen Angel at the moment under gun met up Herculine Barbin, the 19th century French hermaphrodite, whose memoir left in the archives of the French Department of Public Hygiene was published by Foucault. Barbin committed suicide by asphyxiation from the fumes of a charcoal stove in the quarter of the Theatre de l'Odeon, in February, 1868. The narrative developed assumes a love affair between Barbin and Brandon before a spaceship arrived to uplift their entertwined bodies. Genital abduction of a third kind, maybe Brandon will get a penis transplant in the outerspace.... to be continued.

episode#2 >> Jack Bee Garland
Jack Bee Garland, also known as "Babe Bean," born Elvira Mugarietta in 1869, daughter of San Francisco's first Mexican consul. The scenario in development derived from a news item of Garland forbiden to speak under a hypnotic spell imposed by her husband. The spell would only be lifted until Garland should dressed in female attire. Susan takes up Lacan's Ecrit, schemaI in "A Problem Preliminary to any Possible Treatment of Psychosis" in assuming a meeting between Brandon and Garland at a crisis center.

episode#3 >>VX
Brandon meets Venus Extravaganza featured in the documentary "Paris is Burning" and murdered in a sleazy Manhattan hotel in 1989. The scenario assumes VX hosts an on line sex channel where Brandon logs on and chats........

episode#4 >> down south
Annie Lee Grant/James McHarris of kosciusko, Mississippi, works men's jobs- a short-order cook, a cab driver, a filling station attendant, a preacher. A headline "courtroom striptease bares true sex of Mississippi male" ( Ebony, 10 Nov, 1954) finds him in prison in Kosciusko prison farm.