Bowling Alley, 1995

commissioned by Walker Art Center, funded by AT&T New Art/New Visions

Shu Lea Cheang
In Collaboration with
Writers and Performers, Minneapolis 10:
Me-k Ando, Heidi Arneson, Steve Grandell, Kim Hines, Dan McMullin
Juliana Pegues, Karen Platt, Marcie Rendon, Elaine Shelly, Felicia Washington
Web site artists: Sawad Brooks, Christa Erickson, Beth Stryker
Cybernetic architect: Tim Desley

Exploring issues of power, access and desire in public and private spaces, Bowling Alley is a cybernetic installation
linking 3 public spaces-Walker Art Center's gallery 7, Bryant Lake Bowl,Minneapolis and the bowling website-
through ISDN lines and digital sensor data.

Bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl triggers changes in the chain of site connections, scrambling the gallery's laserdisk
projection and interfering with netusers/cyberbowlers paths through the website.