Buy One Get One, 1997

NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC)
ICC Biennale Exhibition, Permanent Collection
2nd Johannesburg Biennale special project

Shu Lea Cheang
In Collaboration with
Writer/router: Lawrence CHUA, Java Programming: NAKANISHI Yasuto,
Hardware Interface: OENOKI Jun, Bento Digicase: SUZUKI Takahiro

Buy One Get One derives its name from happy hour at Sphinx in Soi Silom, Bangkok. The project explores a digital
(co)existence that is borne out of net technology. While Southeast Asia builds Cyberjaya and Africa safaris on the net,
we travel to test the limits of national and electronic border patrols. Two digital suitcases modeled after Japanese style
bentobox, equipped with powerbook, cameras, phoneline and a hino maru bento (lunchbox with rice and ume/plum )
are netcast ready for HoME delivery.